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Jordan Park grants permission to other websites that are interested in or dedicated to the spread of the gospel of God to link to this site from their websites. As a matter of curtesy, we ask that you notify our webmaster that you have done so. We also would like to thank you in advance for thinking enough of our site to have included it.

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Jordan Park grants general permission to individuals and churches to print and share the material on this website with the caveat that the material so printed must remain free of charge to all users, must remain unmodified except for formating changes, and that the copyright notice be retained on all copies.

Why This Notice Is Necessary:

The Copyright Law is designed to protect intellectual property. We are not trying to hinder the progress of the gospel by enforcing the Copyright Law, but merely trying to keep unscrupulous people from stealing the intellectual property of others.

We offer the Online Bible Study Lessons without charge to all who are interested in the truth and hope that those who use them will want to adopt the same policy. This work is for the glory of God and is not intended to be a money-making endeavor.

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