The following are instructions for processing the On-line Bible Lessons and associated questions. It is suggested that you print a copy of these instructions for future reference. (To do so select "File/Print" on your browser.)

These lessons have been prepared, primarily, for use with one of the more poplar Web Browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Most other browsers will likely suffice, however, the web pages may not be as presentable. The lessons are best viewed at a resolution of 800x600 or greater. The following browsers are, as of this writing, free and may be downloaded from the following sites:

• Netscape Navigator (or Communicator)
• Microsoft Internet Explorer

There are two procedures which one may utilize for answering each lesson's questions. Listed in order of preference, are as follows: (WARNING: In any case, AFTER BEGINNING TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, DO NOT CLOSE THE FILE (Bible Study Lesson), or all your answers will be lost.)

   1. Save the file method:
      a. With the lesson open in your browser, select "File/Save As" from the menu bar,
      b. Save the file to a convenient location -- suggest you create a specific directory (folder) on your hard drive for the lessons.
      c. Log off the internet
      d. At your convenience, open the lesson file, study the lesson and answer the questions.
      e. Log onto your Internet account, and press the "Send Answers" button.

      a. Keep the lesson open in your browser (You may either remain on or log off the Internet.)
      b. Study the lesson and answer the questions
      c. Log onto your Internet account and press the "Send Answers" button.

If you need access to a Bible, it is suggested you chose the King James Version as your reference Bible. We have an on-line King James Version which may be accessed from the beginning of each KJV's question section.

Please attempt to answer all questions. If you have questions or would like to make a comment about the lesson or question, please do so in the Comment/question block near the end of each lesson. After completing the questions and your contact information, double check the information (especially your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS) and press the "Send Answers" button.

If, when you press the "Send Answers" you fail to get a "Thank you" message, then your browser may not support the "forms" capability of these lessons. If this is the case, it is suggested you download and install Version 3, or later, of one of the above browsers.

If you have difficulties which cannot be overcome by the above procedures, you may send an E-mail message describing the difficulty to "" -- be sure to specify the following:
   1. Lesson number,
   2. Bible version,
   3. Your browser name and version,
   4. Your E-mail software and version, and
   5. Your operating system.
Any other comments/questions/suggestions regarding our Web Site or lessons are most welcome.

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