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Explanation of Our Course

You will be able to take this FREE Online Bible Study Course, without any cost or obligation, in the privacy of your home and at a pace that you choose. You may choose from any one of four English Bible versions that we offer (i.e., the King James Version (KJV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), the New International Version (NIV) and the New King James Version (NKJV). If you do not have a personal copy of the Bible, there are now many purveyors of free Bible apps and websites. We can help you find a site that fits you if you need help in selecting one.

Our Online Bible Study Course premise is that the Bible is the word of God; in which God reveals that through Jesus Christ every person who is guilty of sin can be forgiven and live in heaven forever with Him when life on this earth is over.

The Bible Study course begins with a few lessons that shows how the Bible fits into history and how it is relevant to mankind today. Then, using these initial Bible lessons as a foundation and guide, the course dives deeper into God's plan of salvation for sinners. By the time you finish the entire Bible Study series, you should know whether God considers you to be guilty of sin; and if you realize that He does, you should also understand what you need to do to receive God's pardon and become a member of His family.

Each of the Bible lessons consist of informative text for you to read, study and thoughtfully consider. Often the lessons will refer to Bible passages. This will give you an opportunity to find and read related Bible texts as you study the lesson. To find out how well you have understood the lesson, you should complete the Bible questions that follow the lesson text. These Bible questions are always of three types: (1) completing Bible verses by filling in blanks, (2) answering "true" or "false", and (3) selecting correct answers from a list of choices.

Following the Bible questions, we tell you how to send your answers back to us so that we can evaluate them and review any questions or comments you have. We use the method of instruction that we refer to as “grader in the loop”. You do not get your answers back from a machine; it first goes to a volunteer (our “responder”) who grades it and then sends you the results. Once you are assigned a grader, you get to keep the same responder; barring unusual circumstances. Therefore, we are not “internet fast”, but we do usually respond quickly. Our hope is that you will feel free to ask any Bible related question that comes to mind or comes up during the course. Within a few days of the time we receive your answers, you should get a reply from the responder who will list the correct responses, answer any Bible questions and tell you how to find the next lesson. Also, with the Online Bible Study Course you do not have to worry about passing or failing. We do not require a minimum score before you proceed to the next Bible lesson.

We would appreciate comments on any aspect of the course -- Bible lesson design or content, difficulties in transmitting your answers, or problems with how your answers are processed and evaluated.

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Getting Acquainted with the Jordan Park Church of Christ

"Just Who Are These People?"

First and foremost, we are volunteers. This site has been built, operated and maintained by a group of Christians who are honored at having this opportunity to present lessons on the Word of God. We see our work here as part of our spiritual service to Jesus Christ our Lord. As such, we humbly dedicate a part of our lives to working with you; to advance the gospel; both to present it to those who have never heard of it and to those who are seeking to grow in their faith.

The website is staffed from and funded by the Jordan Park Church of Christ, in Huntsville, Alabama. We do not ask for nor desire any funds. Building and running this site has been a joy and we feel that anything less than our personal dedication would limit that joy and love that we have for you and for our Lord.

The lesson series was written by one of our dear members, the late Benji Norris, who dedicated a huge amount of time and effort into making the lessons what they are. It was his desire to write a lesson series that got to at least a thousand people. We broke the 50,000 mark about 10 years after the site went live (and about at the time of Benji’s passing) – surpassing Benji’s dream and primary motivation.

The site continues because of the motivation of the people who run it and do the grading, and also because of the outpouring of warm comments that have come from our students. Our students have come from all countries in the world and from all walks of life. It has been amazing to us to realize the impact a small lesson can have on people who live in repressed areas. We are emboldened by their courage and it only makes us more resolved to continue in what we are doing.

To find out even more about us, please visit our congregational web page at

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Optional US Mail-out course

If you have limited Internet access or would just prefer a "Mail-out" Bible study correspondence course, we offer and would be glad to send you a Bible Study Correspondence Course through the US Postal Service FREE of charge to you. (The Mail-out course is different from the Online Bible Study Courses and is available only in the King James Version.) If this is your choice, please select the option below and fill in the application form in order to get started.

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to mailing limitations the mail-out Correspondence Bible Study course is only available to applicants with a United States postal address.)
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